for playlist curators

Minimum 1,250 followers per playlist

Minimum 80 Active Monthly Listeners per playlist

Minimum 1.5 % Active Monthly Listeners per playlist

Real followers base owned through cure, nurture and promotional activity.

We do not accept the following Playlist Types:

Playlists that change their title to attract Followers

Playlists for a specific album, song, artist or band

Playlists with "follow me" in the title

Playlists with a significant decrease - at least 5% - in the previous 30 days


for Tik Tok and Instagram

Minimum 30,000 followers

Minimum 2.5% active followers

Compliance with Tangerine’s artistic and ethical values.


Terms of application
as curator and influencer

The identity, activity of the applicants is checked by Tangerine and check is redone every month.

All playlist followers must be gained through natural growth and be real people reached through an organic growth, actively stimulated by the curator. We do not accept playlists with Bot or Fake Followers; with followers gained through follow gates or other online services, fake followers/bots acquired via an online marketplace or service. Playlists with a significant decrease will be removed.

It is extremely important that all requirements and guidelines are followed at all times to protect the integrity of the platform and ensure all artists are being connected to only 100% authentic and compliant curators.

Any accounts or playlists found to violate the curator requirements, guidelines, or any other prohibited activity, at any time, will be removed from Tangerine immediately and any pending payments will be forfeited. We reserve the right to remove a playlist/account at any given time with prior notice.

Applicants have to meet all the criteria. Acceptation is decided by Tangerine and Tangerine does not have to provide any reason for acceptance or refusal.

By registering to Tangerine you accept the terms and conditions.