About us

One day randomly, after many years, you bump into your friend from childhood. You’re pleased. You’re happy. What you don’t know, is that this coincidence is actually going to turn into a life-changing event, leading to the creation of Tangerine.

To make three long stories short, we are an amateur, a musician and a composer. Today music making is easier than ever, but being listened to is very hard. You need to be much more than a good musician to be heard. But how can you accomplish everything if making music is the only thing that really matters to you?

So we felt the need to create a space dedicated to artists. A space with the tools to help get your music the global audience it deserves. And we decided to create Tangerine. With Tangerine, we want to help reshape the music market, and contribute to giving a voice to talents emerging anywhere on planet earth.

In a nutshell, we see Tangerine as a free space framed around people sharing our values and our vision of the world. We work very hard to ensure a respectful place, with open and transparent activities, a place where people appreciate and value each other’s differences, a place where people can politely agree to disagree, a place that makes and accepts no discrimination of any kind. Above all, a place inhabited by music!

Ambitious, right? After nine months working days, nights and weekends, Tangerine was born.

Meet us here, and together we can give our small contribution to a better and more musical world!