Your Reachers

We want you to be heard by the kind of people who are really able to get your artistic production listened to by the public. Today, those are curators of excellent playlists, and great influencers on TikTok and Instagram. They allow you to reach a broader audience and increase your visibility. We have established strict selection criteria that guarantee that all music reachers joining Tangerine are qualified and active professionals.

The Reach Factor

All our reachers are great. Some have a higher capacity to reach a broad audience. To make your selection process easier and more transparent, we assign a Reach Factor to each one of them, based on a combination of different factors.

Spotify Playlist Curator

All our Spotify playlist curators have a music industry background (i.e artists, music journalists, bloggers or teachers, club managers, etc...) and are enthusiastic about discovering new talents. They care about growing their playlists' followers. They provide you with quality feedback, and they might choose to add your songs to their playlist. To facilitate this process, we give them the option to send you audio reviews. A nuance in their voice may give you better feedback than a hundred words.


We have identified a mix of selection criteria that can ensure relevance of influencers on Tiktok and Instagram for musicians, as well as fit with our vision of the world. We only select artistically interesting influencers, those who bring some form of innovation in the cultural landscape, while sharing Tangerine values of kindness, inclusiveness, and respect on social media.


So we have selected the best influencers, but how can you fully benefit from their skills and influence?
You can reach influencers by selecting them individually, or reach out to them through the Arena mode. When an artist shares a track on the Arena, all influencers are invited to check it out. Tracks stay on the Arena for a week. Each influencer is free to reach out to the artist and create a tailored proposal to use the track. The offer may involve a mix of several placements on one media, or it may be a multi-channel proposal, such as a story on Instagram, coupled with a TikTok video, or a tweet, or a Facebook post…. Unleash your creativity! When the artist agrees to a creative proposal, the collaboration starts.


And what if you feel lost in the digital space? Get help from our selected Hypers to promote your music.

Producer, Talent Scout, Music Ad Expert, Music Trend Setter… We call them Hypers. They are expert who can help you boost your music’s audience.

Reach out to our Hypers to receive feedback on your music, advise on your marketing activities or on how to make a successful social ad campaign. Set up a video call!

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Tangerine allows you to easily send your music to Reachers using credits called Tees (minimum purchase 12 T).

Pack Tees Dollars
Apple 12T 12$
(one per user)
24T 18$
(save 25%)
Lemon 60T 54$
(save 10%)
Strawberry 100T 85$
(save 15%)
Papaya 250T 205$
(save 18%)
Mango 400T 320$
(save 20%)


Sending a track to a curator costs between 2 to 4 Tees, depending on their influence.


Sending to an influencer in single mode:

Instagram Story
3T 2500 > 5000 views
4T 5000 > 10000 views
6T 10000 > 18000 views
7T 18000 > 30000 views
13T 30000+ views
Instagram Reel
3T 2000 > 8000 views
4T 8000 > 10000 views
6T 10000 > 18000 views
8T 18000 > 30000 views
13T 30000+ views
TikTok Video
3T 1500 > 10000 views
5T 10000 > 20000 views
7T 20000 > 40000 views
9T 40000 > 100000 views
18T 100000+ views

Influencers Arena and Hypers

In the Arena or with Hypers the cost varies according to the options chosen and their influence.

Choosing which Reacher is right for you is now easier than ever.

Signing up is simple. We will ask you a few questions to target your needs, and you’re ready ! Join